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The best way to familiarize yourself with the Games books is to play a few games.  Below you'll find sixteen ready to download. Pick one that seems good and try it out.  If you and your child enjoy yourselves, play it again and again.  Or try another game.

You can also view a chart of all the games from all the Games books.   The chart gives the name of the game, its book of origin, the skill addressed, the appropriate grade level, approximately how much time it takes to play, and how long it takes to prepare the game, and whether that game requires materials or not.  At the moment, the chart includes the games you can currently download.  The chart will gradually expand until all the games have a place.

Poster Words
How Do I Look
Goofy Sentences
Words in a Bag
Star Count
First Sound, Last Sound
Suits Up, Suits Down
World Tags
Write It For Me
Monster Cafe
Do It
Forbidden Letters
Monkey See, Monkey Do
I Dream of Frederick
Pooh Picnic Party