Peggy Kaye's Games for Reading helps children read by doing just what kids like best: playing games.  There is a "bingo" game that helps children learn vocabulary.  There is a rhyming game that helps them hear letter sounds more accurately.  There are mazes and puzzles, games that train the eye to see patterns of letters, games that train the ear so a child can sound out words, games that awaken a child's imagination and creativity, and games that provide the right spark to fire a child's enthusiasm for reading.
"Peggy Kaye's book is a delight.  She has wisely kept the focus on the enjoyment that parents and children can have in acquiring and refining reading skills.  The games are marvelous: fun, interesting, comprehensive, and very supportive to children.  Teachers as well as parents will find it a valuable resource."  Katherine O'Donnell, Faculty, Graduate School of Bank Street College of Education

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